About Us

Reaper Boats was a dream that came to reality out of necessity. There was a need for a boat that was thought out by a team of outdoorsmen who use the product themselves. I have always been obsessed with the outdoors and anything that can make me better in that environment. Whether it be hunting or fishing, I wanted my gear to push the limits as hard as I do. Boats are no different. Since I first got into the boating industry, the people around me pushed me to start a boat brand that was designed and built by the people that use them. That is exactly what Reaper is. The need for a product thought out by outdoorsmen, and market demand for aluminum boats is what brought us the table.
We have invested heavily in state of the art facilities and equipment to bring along a superior product to people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are. We are here to change the standard for functionality and performance in aluminum hunting and fishing boats. We look forward to showing you the Reaper difference and hopefully playing a role in you being more successful in the outdoors!
Zack Randall